Sources of Funds

  1. Members subscriptions
  2. Activities, services and Programmes
  3. Fund Raising and Donations

Use Of Funds

Funds of GADJA shall be used to achieve the GADJA Mandate-Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives through activities, programmes and services as described here and elsewhere in relevant documents.

Control of Funds and Accountability

GADJA Shall adhere to strictest financial controls and accountability in its financial management policies, procedures and practices which shall be guided by relevant documents to be prepared with help of relevant technical assistance.

Financial Signatories

There shall be three signatories for all GADJA Financial transactions-President of the Board, President of the GGC Executive Committee and National Coordinator. The President of the Board and any of the President of the GGC Executive Committee and National Coordinator shall sign for cheques and any financial transactions.

Financial Records

Proper Financial records shall be kept for all GADJA financial transactions as generally and internationally accepted and in accordance with accounting standards in Ghana as required by the Registrar General’s Department.

External Audits

GADJA’s financial records shall also be externally audited annually as required by Law.