Membership is open to individuals and organizations involved in several types of media work who are involved in/or interested in promoting agricultural, environmental and rural development reporting in the media.

Thus members are from Print media, TV, Radio, PR, Marketing, Communication, Photography, Internet and Social media and Gender mainstreaming in all media activities. Members are from all regions of Ghana. Members belong to both Zonal and Thematic or Sectoral Committees in the GADJA General Congress.

Categories of Members

There are 3 categories of members: individual, organizational and associates:

  1. Individual Media people and Journalists who belong to media Organizations or are free-lance.
  2. Journalist Associations or Media Organizations
  3. Associate members of persons/or Organizations which support our Work

Regional Membership Distribution

Ashanti 30
Brong-Ahafo 20
Central 20
Eastern 20
Greater Accra 25
Northern 30
Upper East 15
Upper West 20
Volta 20
Western 20
Total 220